Roma- sketching urban life

Chiesa di San Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane- edge studies

Chiesa di San Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane- pace study

The Forum and The Pantheon- inhabiting ancient space

Typologies of Rome- Sectional change, monumental views

Spanish steps and Campidoglio- studying density, entrance with light and shadow

Parco della musica- new forms

Monte Carasso, Switzerland- sketchbook pages from tour from Luigi Snozzi

How he got the job of redesigning a whole town

His plan- the school, the cemetery, the mayor’s house

Urban accupuncture, plus the playground next to its user’s final resting place

The gym- importance of light

Transitioning between old and new- keeping the scale

The school at Monte Carasso- suspended volumes

Villa Rotunda, Monte Berico, Vicenza. entrance studies

Sketching in Barcelona

MACBA in El Raval. Facade studies: entry, puncture

Barcelona Pavilion. Perspectives: threshhold

Can Framis. mass and void

Diagonal 197. entry

Media Tic. entry, skin

Barceloneta. connection from boardwalk to beach

Gestural sketching of Venezia 10.9.11

Gestural sketching of Vicenza (10 seconds) 8.9.11


Brion Cemetary 9.7.11

Museo Canova 7.9.11

Casa per appartamenti in contra’ del Quartiere, Vicenza. 4.9.11

Museo Castelvecchio, Verona. 3.9.11