Downtown St. Pete is beautiful, and at an interesting point in its development right now. There have been lots of new museums built there lately- the new Dalí and Chihuly museums, and the addition to the Museum of Fine Arts. The city is famous for its undeveloped waterfront that is sculpted by parks with walking paths and banyan trees. There is a competition going on now to build a new pier that will hopefully continue to integrate the city with its beautiful waterfront, using these already established green spaces. I grew up here and I love coming back to visit. My Mom took the day off work yesterday and we spent the day downtown.

We’re in search of a cappuccino that compares to those made in Italy- none have been found yet. The one at Paciugo is probably the closest comparison. At least we got to go for a walk after wards and look out at the bay.

The new Dalí museum, next to the new Mahaffey Theatre. It’s got a cool staircase and an amoeba-like glass structure puncturing out from a concrete cube.

We then tried to find the proposals for the new pier at the Museum of History, and found out they were moved to the Coliseum. The presentations were moved because the three architects in competition for the new pier design were presenting their proposals to a board of city council members, architects, urban designers, and citizens. Too bad we missed most of it but I still got to see some boards and models. My favorite design is The Lens by Michael Maltzan Architecture, who is working with Wannemacher Jensen Architects- a local firm that I’ve visited before. This design provides many programmed spaces that are culturally and economically important for the city, lots of shade, and excellent integration of the natural environment, existing parks, and surrounding urban fabric. I love this design and I hope it wins. Here you can see a news report on the presentations that includes links for all three proposals.