Today I went to a winery with my new Italian friend Aldo. Every time we do something that’s normal for him, like go to dinner with friends or a winery or a drive through the hills, I get really amazed and excited and keep telling him thank you for taking me here, when for him it’s just normal grocery shopping or something. I guess life is good for the Vicentini. We got a wine called Novella at a winery close to Vicenza and on the way back stopped in this little town called Covolo that had a really cool old bar, also with good wine. I didn’t have my camera so I used a cell phone, but I think the images are still ok.


The winery


Coolest wine bar ever- it’s got a dome

Il mio amico- bravo Aldo bravo

gardens outside a restaurant across from the bar

Villa Rotunda, part of your view en route to the winery