I’m writing about this a few weeks after I went to Florence. I’ve been pretty busy, and the only thing that has given me time to write this is the fact that I’m home, sick, in bed. Luckily with my computer. I went to the doctor yesterday and I’m still not sure what exactly I have but my tonsils are so swollen I can’t talk. Other than that I feel fine and I’ve been walking around like normal for the past few days, except with little or no voice. So hopefully I’ll get better… by tomorrow, ideally. In the meantime, some reminiscing on Firenze-

Our hotel room- I had my own room upstairs

the famous Duomo- the first dome built since Roman times

you can climb to the top and get some great views of the city

also some interesting views inside the church- looking down at the altar, or being right next to the frescoes

One of the other famous landmarks of Firenze is the Uffizi Gallery- it has the biggest collection of Renaissnace art. Firenze is, afterall, where the Renaissance was born. Outside the museum early morning-

The view of the Duomo, and “The Rape of the Sabines” in the sculpture garden outside the Uffizi

market where Florentine leather is sold- the square was nice but the market itself was hokey

When we went back to Vicenza, it felt like I had arrived back home. Also it was nice to pay only €2.50 for spritz instead of something like €6, and a quarter liter of wine at Righetti’s for only €.30!

Mom and Dad in Piazza dei Signori

Of course I had to show my parents Venice. We saw an exhibit at Museo Correr, which was a beautiful museum.

Now I’m back in Vicenza, but only for a month. I’m pretty stressed out which is probably partly why I got sick. We’ve been working on our studio project and I have USP to work on- it’s a lot. Anyways, I’m already bored at home and have a lot of things I’d rather be doing. Also I’m missing a trip to Paris because of this. I really hope I get better soon.

Ci vediamo,