I went to Venizia for a second time this past weekend, for the Biennale. This time it was much better and less crowded, since we walked so far away from the typical tourist areas.

The yellow dot is the train station- we walked from there to the red areas, the top shape is the arsenale and the bottom is the giardini. It was far but definitely worth it- it felt more real, much less crowded and quieter.

The walk through the main part of the city felt like this- quick and crowded with old, tall buildings squeezing you between narrow paths. The amount of people makes you want to rush to get into more open space, which can be hard to find.

The Biennale was really fun- two huge parks full of contemporary art. The Giardini had pavilions that represented many countries- the U.S., Venezuela, Sweden (my favorite pavilion), Isreal… And inside was really weird, cool art.

Swedish pavilion





Somewhere in the Arsenale



As we were leaving, we got some beautiful views from the walk around the Giardini, and on the boat ride back to the station.


Venice really is beautiful, I’ll probably want to go back a few more times while I’m here. I’m only half an hour and € 5 away, so why not?


Tomorrow we’re going to another beautiful place- Barcelona. We’ll be there for almost a week- I’m so excited. I won’t bring my computer because we’re going to be so busy and it’s too much of a hassle. But when we’re there, we’ll be preparing for our hotel project more explicitly- when we come back we won’t have a whole lot of time to work on it, so I’ll be busy. But fast and gestural is a fun way to work, and I’m sure we’ll find lots of inspiration in Barcelona. I’ll be sure to make lots of pictures and sketches.


Arrivederci/Hasta luego,