It’s been about a week since I went to Verona and I haven’t written about it yet- I’ve been busy. Verona was beautiful. Possibly my favorite part was the Museo Castelvecchio, an old fortress renovated into a museum by Carlo Scarpa. Everything there was really nice- it was busy, but not in a bad way. There were lots of good sights and piazzas and food and shopping.


Yesterday was the Villathon- so called because it’s like a marathon, but for villas in the Italian countryside. We got on a sparkling golden tour bus and drove into the mountains, stopping at villas and little towns and museums and churches and even a liquor distillery along the way. It was fun and exhausting. I’m sketching a lot more, getting better at it and really enjoying it. So far we’ve been mostly sketching and traveling more than studio- which at first made me nervous but is actually helping me observe and learn and interpret things much more than a normal studio. That, plus learning more Italian, makes me feel like I’m fitting in better here. Now the only thing I need is a tiny dog and lots of expensive outfits like all the locals have.

A church in the mountains, Fuksas’ Le Bolle, and Bassano del Grappa.

There’s no class tomorrow and on Saturday, we’re going to Venice again to see the Biennale- the theme this year is Illuminazioni (Illumination). The art is in pavillions at the Arsenale and the Giardini on the main island of Venice, and the cinema festival is at Lido, which is an island next to the main one. Hopefully I’ll have time to see both. I’ll definitely have a post about it, I hear it’s awesome and I’m excited to go.