Like everyone says, Venezia is a beautiful and amazing place. We spent the whole day there yesterday, wandering through the maze of streets and people. Vicenza seems new compared to Venezia- which it is, since my Italian home town was established by people who were originally from the floating city. The main Piazza here even has two statues that are replicas of the ones in the famous Piazza San Marco in Venice. And since the old city is so old and fragile, it’s one of the few places that has never adapted to the automobile. Before we went, Professor Kohen told us that Venezia is so quiet due to the lack of cars. However, I noticed that although Venezia doesn’t have an infestation of cars, it has one as annoying or worse- the infestation of tourists. It started to get really annoying to be packed from wall to surprisingly adjacent wall with other sweaty, smelly, loud lost people. And I know what you’re thinking- but we weren’t there as tourists, but students and researchers, so the excess of cheap souvenir shops and overly expensive food wasn’t enjoyable either. Which is why I can’t wait to go back to Venezia when it’s colder out and hopefully less tourists will be there.

Venezia was somewhat overwhelming- the place is actually huge and so easy to get lost in. But there were lots of great places to find inspiration there- I really enjoyed both museums we went to, all our stops, a gondola ride, and the winding itinerary we took.

some of my favorite things:
julie merehtu. inspiration for usp  –> tadao ando museum

tatiana trouve. senza titolo, also inspiration for usp and everything else

lots of other things inspired me but today was busy and so is tomorrow. going to Firenze (Florence) at 7am. I feel kind of crazy. But today I had a good realization of how important it is to spend time sketching and paying attention to my surroundings and not rushing so much….. i’ll explore this concept later.