Today was the first full day of class. I’m so excited to learn Italian, it’s really fun to speak and it will make me look like less of an idiot when I’m interacting with the locals. So far it’s pretty easy to learn, it’s a lot like Spanish. My favorite words: Arrivederci (goodbye), Benissimo (very well), Molto Piacere (nice to meet you).

This is our studio and classroom- it’s an old Roman theatre. It’s on the top floor of the building and there are some really nice views of the roofs in the neighborhood- that’s one of my favorite things about European cities, the roofs. Paris is known for its mansard roofs and this city should be known for its crazy roofs made of different shapes, sizes and materials with all kinds of weird metal pieces and laundry hanging off of them.

Today we had a break between studio sessions and I went on a walk around the city with Kimmel. He said I walk around too fast and am to anxious, which is true. I hope that while I’m here I can learn to relax and enjoy myself, and still have good work to show. I’ll have to distance myself from my fellow Americans a little, and really absorb Italian culture, so I can get outside myself.

There’s so much going on in this city. This past weekend was a fashion show, a market, and lots of people out in the streets at night. Last Saturday, we all went out for a drink and decided to climb up the hill behind the train station to get a view of the city.

It’s time for dinner, and then some sketching, and maybe some gelato. Arrivederchi!